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We Bought a Mattress!

| August 06, 2018

Well we are 8 months into the year and a little past due for a update on my financial goals for the year.  Better late than never, right?  Here we go:

Goal #1: Save up "cash money" for a new mattress.  The last time we spoke, I had come to the conclusion that the only mattress we'd be buying this year would be a crib mattress.  Surprise!  We found out at the beginning of the year that our family would be expanding, so I put the idea of a new mattress on the back burner.  I don't really have any back issues like my husband so I figured I could wait a little while longer.  But then pregnancy started doing a number on my back as well.  I began to look for a memory foam mattress that wouldn't costs thousands of dollars.  Come to find out, there are TONS of options out there.  I researched and finally landed on the Tuft and Needle memory foam mattress.  A queen size mattress can be shipped to your front (or back) door in just a few days.  And the price tag was just right at $575.  We've been sleeping on our mattress for about a month now and it's safe to say that it's a keeper! 

Goal #2: Put away money each month for medical expenses.  I'm still putting back $40 - $50 every month for medical expenses.  Since spring/summer has been upon us, Jackson has stayed well, thankfully.  Due to pregnancy, I on the other hand have had many expenses that needed to be paid for.  Nausea meds, blood work, chiropractic care, etc.  This allotted money has most definitely come in handy and will forever be a line item in our family budget.  With two kids in our near future, I really need to find a way to bump the dollar amount up to $80 or $100 each month.  Challenge accepted!

Goal #3: Start saving for Jackson's college fund.  And then there were two!  Right now we are just trying to figure things out like diapers and wipes.  As much as I hate it, this goal is going to have to wait until next year.  If anyone can squeeze blood from a turnip (when it comes to budgeting), it's me!  I think my goal will be to put back $25/month per kid starting in January of 2019.  I realize that's only $300 a year, which after 18 years won't even be enough to cover a semester of college.  But, you've got to start somewhere, right?  Who's with me?

If you know me, then you know I'm a planner.  While most people probably aren't even thinking about this year's finances, I'm already looking forward to the goals I will set for next year.  J.C. and I will need to put our heads together to figure out our financial priorities for 2019.  With only about 3.5 months left in this calendar year, I better get to planning!