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| March 15, 2019

My daddy passed away in May of last year.  His death has heightened my senses about who he was and the lessons he taught others throughout his life.  Recently as I walked in my parents' yard and the property behind their home, I noticed all the "seeds" my daddy planted. 

What He Loved

There was nothing my daddy loved more than working on his knees in his yard, garden and beds.  When "home" we are surrounded by the evidence of his handiwork.  My parents' yard no longer looks the way he kept it, but it still has his signature.  His day lilies all in a row, the boxwood hedges, the azaleas ringing the house and trees and the roses.  I can see my daddy in my mind's eye on his knees planting seeds in my mama's famous zinnia bed.  

It Fed His Soul

What really got my attention on this walk were the tall pines planted from seedlings found under older trees.  They are now tall trees, standing in a line.  I know and now understand what this time outside meant to my daddy.  It was his time for thinking, praying, planning and doing something creative with his hands.  These actions really fed his soul.  I now wonder, did he know that what he was doing was planning for the future?!


So, this walk gave me pause.  What seeds or seedlings am I planting in my life?  What am I leaving behind as evidence of my being here?  We also plant financial seeds in our life: retirement planning, life insurance, long term care and much more.  These seeds are also important to our future and the future of the ones we love.  When we are no longer here and these seeds have been planted, it leaves things in good order.  

If you find yourself with seeds that need to be planted or want to talk about those things, we are ready to help.  Just stop and think for a minute, what will happen if you don't plant those financial seeds?  Will the ones you leave behind be better or worse?  Let that sink in for a minute.  Let us help you till the garden, plant the seed, water the crop and reap the harvest.