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Push! Push! Push!

| August 28, 2017

Do you feel pushed, I mean really pushed by your schedule, your decisions, everything you have to do?  I have to admit, I used to think it was just me, but it's not.  It is everyone around me, no matter the age, place, or time of life.  The problem with the push is many times, too many times, the important things hit the back burner.  But how many things in our lives that need attention are never done and go to the bottom of the list?

The question is, does your annual review with your financial advisor tend to go to the back burner?  Your advisor needs to know if there are new needs or if something has changed in your life.  Or maybe you have purchased a new house and your life insurance coverage is insufficient to cover that mortgage?

So, although those errands are important and the bills needs to be paid, you might want to look at those things that keep getting "pushed" to the bottom of the list.  Don't wait unil something does change and you or your family are not prepared.  That would really be a push in the wrong direction!