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My Financial Goals for 2018

| December 26, 2017

How cliche is the title of this blog post?  I'm actually surprised you are even reading.  It seems like everyone sets New Year's resolutions but nobody ever sticks to them.  I guess if I'm going to put myself out there, I will check in a couple times throughout the year so that you can keep tabs on me.  Seems only fair.  And if putting my resolutions out there for the whole world to see isn't enough, I'm also going to talk dollar amounts.  Why is this is starting to feel like a bad dream?  Here goes nothing.  

Goal #1: Save up "cash money" for a new mattress.  My husband broke his back as a teenager and has suffered with back pain since then.  It would be nice if both of us woke up in the morning, feeling well rested and not so sore.  I'm thinking of a Tempurpedic?!  Maybe a Sleep Number?!  We just need something that is ergonomic, which usually means expensive.  My goal is to save $3500 in the next six months.  Wish me luck!

Goal #2: Put away money each month for medical expenses.  We have health insurance but the deductible is very high.  Unless one of us was very ill, had a baby (hopefully that would just be me) or underwent major surgery, we won't meet the deductible.  So, I need some extra cash here and there to take the baby to the pediatrician.  I'm thinking $50 a month will help out.  I may need to adjust that figure as the year unfolds.  Only time will tell.  

Goal #3: Start saving for Jackson's college fund.  I didn't owe a dime to anyone when I graduated college and for that I am forever grateful.  I want to make sure that my kid(s) don't leave college with a huge financial burden.  I don't know what avenue we will go yet, but I'll definitely be talking to the financial advisors in our office about our options.  A 529 account seems like the obvious choice but I want to make sure that's the best fit for us.  My monthly goal?  Probably $50 to $75 month starting out.  That won't be enough to send him to college but it's a start.  

What are some of your financial goals for the coming year?  Do you have any?  You should!  Make sure that your goals scare you just a little bit, otherwise it won't seem like a challenge.  And who doesn't love a good challenge?