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Insuring the Rug Rats

| April 03, 2017

For some reason, people freak out if you ask them if they have life insurance on their children.  Why would you have insurance on your healthy child?  Well, let me tell you why.  Life as you know it can change in a heartbeat.  But did you know that a permanent life insurance policy can be a great step to your child's financial future?  The policy builds cash value while still providing a death benefit.  

A whole life policy can be used to lock-in a person's insurability should they become seriously injured or develop an illness.  The main reason I believe in insuring your child is because of the unknown.  Let's say the unimaginable happens, having a permanent life insurance policy in place would cover funeral costs and allow you to take time off of work to heal emotionally and not feel a financial strain while you were mourning the loss of your precious child.  For more information on permanent life insurance and its benefits, call or come see us at Rodgers Financial Group.